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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things I Really Bought (and then returned some)

Bevelyn, the shopping bug bit me REAL hard. Everytime I tell my self I'm not going to shop, I find my self clicking "confirm" on that little rectangular button. It's okay though because half of this stuff is going back to where it came from.

Lets see, I got some real wild and shiny things because you know, I like wild and shiny.

1) Flower pants from Zara, because I've been wanting them for a while. I love plain blue jeans but any opportunity I can get to wear loud crazy colors, prints, fabrics on my bottom half - I'll take it. Blame it on my desiness, it's kind of what my people do!!

2) Crazy pretty heels...just because...someone invite me somewhere fancy? Thanks! Oh yeah, and crank that temperature up to 70 degrees while you're at it.

3) Corduroys! Yeayaaa!

4) I also got these flats but they may not stay forever because they're kinda big and because ShoeMint takes FOREVER to deliver something and now the right size is already sold out. Not okay ShoeMint, not okay.

5) These are the things that didn't capture my heart. I was excited about some of Jason Wu's collection for Target and managed to order two dresses online. They just weren't as flattering as I would have liked. This first guy just looked like a colorful bag and the fabric is super thin.

6) The second guy, I could only find in a size larger than my usual size and the color was pretty but not me. So they're going back!!


  1. Bobo, you seriously didn't keep number one and two?!?! I am so disappointed. So disappointed. I love those shoes. Maybe you should re-buy them, and really think about it. If you really don't want them, re-return them. Like a boss.

  2. haha no i kept 1,2,3 not the rest tho. I may have to wear those pants and those shoes both at the same time all day long.

  3. Number 1, 2, and 3 are the best! You have good taste Momo (or should I say bobo?). Funny because I think I picked up the exact same pants at Crossroads in Brooklyn. Miss you <3

    1. haha thanks sarahhhhh!!! we can be pants twins!!