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Monday, February 27, 2012

Monsoon-ing in San Jose

You guys, I'm reunited with my besties and almost all my other favorite people right now. I haven't been back to the Bay for 8 months and that's the longest I've been away since I moved here nine long years ago. I got to take pics with Bevelyn today which is why I can't write this post like I'm talking to her cuz I JUST saw her 30 minutes ago. That would be weird. So I'm just going to stop talking and post the pictures that we took. Yeayayaaayaya!

Sweater from Old Navy, Cords from Jcrew, Shoes from Zaras, thrifted old Coach bag from Etsy, SUNLIGHT FROM SAN JOSE and pictures by BEV!

I'm so happy to be home, familiarity is sorely underrated and people who love you and you love back are an amazing invention.


  1. I have developed a serious foot fetish for your feets. Don't get creeped out, maybe you shouldn't wear such amazing shoes next time. I'm so glad I got to see your face(feet)!

  2. this is such a lovely outfit! I love how simple but chic it is. Those heels are gorgeous - wish I could pull 'em off. =) Have fun in the Bay!
    nancy @ adore to adorn