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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lazy Laze Style

So Bevelyn, I've been feeling mighty lazy about posting here. It might be the winter chill that's finally descended over the city for the past few days.  Or it could just be my natural, innate, endless laziness. Who knows! And truthfully, who cares. 

On to more important things like what I've been wearing: my camel brown coat from Anthro that I got for a cool $10. Yep, $10. It was on sale for $35 and I had a gift card for $25! Do the math guys. The coat is like a supermodel, very pretty and very thin. It doesn't keep me warm at all, hence the many layers. I wore it to the Bloggers Night Out event that I heard about through the lovely Camille! I felt pretty important not going from work to home to yoga studio and had quite a wonderful night!
This is me in the hallway post event:

Dontcha love the color of our apartment buildings innards?
Here is another way I wore this jacket, with my BIG OLD FOX FUR!! That's right, it's a real fox! I'm a terrible human being, I know, but rest assured it's second hand and so, as a wise woman said, "it would have been dead by now anyway."

Let me tell you, its real warm.

I promise to try to make this week a more blog-exciting and blog-coherent one! Bevelyn, your turn, go!


  1. Bobo I am really really really in love with this jacket. That with the hot punk necklace is magic. It's ok bobo, I had a lazy week too. On a side note, we are reuniting in two weeks!!!!!! I can't wait to just stare at each other.

  2. I like the stairs picture. it's like someone said 'lady in the fox fur and great deal coat!' and you were like 'i'm so excited, that's me!!'.