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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cute Things I Wore to Work Part 2

I'm beginning to see a pattern.  Maybe I could mix things up and do a "Cute Things I Wore to the Yoga Studio" or "Cute Things I Wore to the Grocery Store"? Well, life I may not have much of right now but at least I got some cute things going on!

Here are some headless and blurry shots. I busted out with my white jeans yesterday because I got them towards the end of summer and didn't get to wear them as much as I would have liked to. So yesterday I thought, "RULES SHMOOLES! I'm going to wear white jeans in January!" So I wore them.


  1. Bobo I LOVE this. I could post "cute things I wore to work today", but there would just be blurry headless shots of me in scrubs. Yes, scrubs. At least they are the kind that make me look like a doctor. I'm going to be the chic-est scrub wearing fake doctor west of the Mississippi.

  2. Momo post more work outfits, although I can't wear jeans for my job it still inspires me.
    Do I see a pink watch?

    1. Winnie, will do! That is my pink timex from tar-get ;)

  3. Everything is better with some cute :) :) the nacklace is amazing!!!!!!! love it!!!!

    love K