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Monday, January 2, 2012

Well, it has happened

Bevelyn! Where are you? Cuz I'm just oh you know, in this lil ol' place called Paris.

Here is a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Doesn't it look like a fat thigh? 
And here are my nails: 

And my very perfect plane outfit: I was warm, not frumpy, the fastest person to slip in and out of the security lines and basically just an amazing human being while I was traveling. 

Also, no one mentioned the copious amounts of dog poop to be found on the streets of Paris. Seriously, and I'm coming from NY which we all know has its fair share of dog poop, piss and general slime but now that scene from the last episode of SATC when Carrie is in Paris and steps in a pile of dog poop makes PERFECT sense because it's simply everywhere. And a LOT of it. 

Your turn, go!


  1. I should have warned you about the poop... Um your nails look AMAZING. I think this might be one of my favorite nail looks as of yet. I like the leg/sock action happening in your plane outfit. And the tower looks like a fat muscular thigh. I have some fantastic desert pictures coming soon. fan.tas.tic. watch out for poop. never forget.

  2. hahahahahaha... I have a friend who lives in Paris and the dog poo was the first thing she told me about. I guess Parisians don't give a crap. There is an episode of "sex and the City" where Carrie goes to Paris. She steps in shit.