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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Versailles was probably one of my favorite places to visit in Paris. It was utterly larger than life and fantastical in every way. I felt like I was walking around a movie set except it was real.

 Cathedral in the Palace.
 I like this picture because it features my whiteboy twin. And his sister.
 The Room of Mirrors: this is where they had parties. It has seventeen large windows overlooking the gardens and across from the windows in the room, there are large mirrors to reflect the light and basically make the room as grand as possible. P.I.M.P!

 Learning some knowledge that I promptly forgot.

Later we went to the Lourve and I was thrilled to recognize a painting I'd studied/taught while I was at Berkeley: the Odalisque. Yes, I felt very smart, it was great. Note my mouth is genuinely opened in surprise. 


  1. no, like truly entranced by your outfit. and Versailles looks absolutely stunning. is your hair true black??

  2. I guess, I hadn't noticed that before..weird. Thanks buddy, your turn, go!!