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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Paris in My Closet

Paris was the shit, literally and figuratively. Umar and I renamed our street Le Grand Poopoo one night (this was only one of the many <<terrible>> french related jokes we came up with. I'll leave the rest for ones imagination)

Here are some pictures taken by my partner in crime.

 Walking towards the Eiffel Tower on the first night
 Those polka dot socks make everything better in my life
 Apparently, in France, people read books in French! Who knew...
 My nails taking a subway ride

I have some more juicy pictures to come shortly. 


  1. I lurve these pictures!! The eiffel tower looks so majestic, it doesn't get old. Also, my mom is proud of your sock/shoe/shoelace combo, and so am I.