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Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Fling in My Closet

Oh hey Bevelyn. Guess what? I've been wearing clothes. And taking cell phone pictures. Here are some of them - 
I wore this outfit on a cool spring day and man, I felt like a pimp. It has all of my favorite things:  leopard, hot pink, fuzzy warmth, clean lines and classic pieces, aka the mens oxford shirt and slim black  legging pant things. It made me happy and kept me warm but bright = success! Another angle below:

This was another transition time outfit - topshop dress + grey leggings + striped oxfords and my trusty cropped leather jacket = cool (but really warm) success.

This was my sunday brunch outfit - striped midi length dress + hot pink sweater + crazy cheese right before I proceeded to sit on the couch for four hours straight and get a little sweaty.

This is what I wore today! It's totally inspired by my inner suburban mom from the 60s. It's disgustingly jcrew, from head to ankle, and blue velvet loafers are from Urban.
Who the hell knew I liked hot pink this much? I did, I guess. Haha.

Last but not least - this is my version of grandma chic. My trusty red skirt, grey sweatshirt, camel jacket and some colorful accessories. Also felt very cool in a grandmotherly way in this outfit. Worked for me! Now, I'm going to go to bed at 9:22 PM on a Friday night, because I don't just dress grandmotherly cool, I LIVE IT! That's right! 

1 comment:

  1. HOLYGOD I'm loving alladis!!!
    outfit 1)you ARE a pimp
    outfit 2)this might be my favorite. you look like a smart person. with a pimp ass watch.
    outfit 3)super super sexy! I love that dress length
    outfit 4)so perfect, i LOVE those velvet shoe things. also, way to pull off white jeans.
    outfit 5)so glad one of us can pull off grandma chic. cause i loves it.

    i miss your cheesy face.