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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring and Stripes

 Check out the polka dots behind me!

*Outfit details: Pants - Zaras, Shirt - Uniqlo, Jacket - Gap, Shoes -Sperry Topsiders

I made Umar take a picture of my tote especially because I WON it at the Brooklyn Book Festival last year, in a raffle draw. I never win shit but I won this damn tote!! 

Well Bevelyn, it was nice chatting with your face today. I decided to take some cell phone pics and upload them without doing anything to them cuz I'm really f-ing lazy and that's all there is to it. Also, I'm watching a documentary on Gloria Steinem and about to eat some asparagus and boiled eggs. I know you wanted to know that.


  1. Oh bobo thank you for making my study break full of juiciness. I love this outfit. oh you and your ability to mix and match patterns! while you are doing things with gloria steinem and boiled eggs, i am hanging out in the public library sipping on bubble peach milk tea (yes, after our i don't consume dairy conversation). also, i brought my own box of lotioned tissues with me. allergy season just. got. fucking. real.

  2. lol lotioned tissues ARE THE BEST! I don't buy any other kind.