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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Solange Love

Bevelyn, how much do we love Solange's style?
I got especially excited just now because I came across this picture where she's sporting the same colors as me!
And more Solange eye candy because she's one of my all time girl crushes:

Source: pinterest

P.s. I'm getting yellow pumps.

HOW COOL IS SHE?! For ultimate eye-candy/style-spiration, check this amazing slide show out. I wanted to add every image. She's so fresh, natural but endlessly quirky. She manages to mix tribal with preppy, structured with flowy, and BAD with ASS! 


  1. YES RED AND YELLOW! GAAA she's so cool I can't stand it. The outfit with the printed pants and long white blouse might be one of my favorite outfits ever.

  2. she is such a babe! I love Solange!!! She has become quite a style icon in opinion and she looks great in what she wears! I wish I could pull off hair as big as that! ;-)
    nancy @ adore to adorn