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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Flower Pants, Meet Spring!

I'm sooo happy I got these pants even though they were a bit more than I would have liked to pay (I like deals dammit!) This was the last outfit I frolicked in at the DUMP. I also wore them to work the other day when it was particularly to come shortly.

Shirt: Thrifted Gap, Pants: Zaras, Shoes: Thrifted

I almost gave these shoes to my sister because they're a bit tight on my feet but I ended up wearing them so much while I was visiting Cali, I rescinded my offer. One of the advantages of having sisters - you can give them a gift and then take it back. 


  1. ok bobo, this is MY favorite outfit. Those shoes were thrifted?!? Even better. Can't wait to see your work outfit!!

  2. i need these shoes (its your sister here)!!! Love your outfit!!

  3. OMG OMG! I love the jean jacket! but maybe i love the pants more...wait...the shoes! I love the shoes the should gift those to ME!